Before you even start to think of which social media platform you are going to use first have a solid social media policy in place and share it with all current and prospective parents.

Be clear and be detailed with parents about your marketing and social media policies. Protect everyone involved by taking the time to develop a comprehensive, transparent policy. Make sure to educate your staff if a parent does not want their child’s photo taken.

There are things to think about when choices your social media platform such as age of audience (parents) and which platforms do they use most, what story are you trying to tell about your center and what kinds of content do you plan to consistently produce?

Each social media platform has its own distinctive personality and audience. Take the time to pick a few platforms that are best for your target audience and your business.

The most common social media platforms used by childcare businesses include:




Remember before jumping into posting on several different social media platforms take your time to focus on one or two where you can share the same content. Remember to target the age group of the parents in your center. You may choose to have a closed group verses one that is open to the public and allow parents to share photos of their child. There are parents who want to keep information on their child private for various reasons. Child care professionals must understand that there are important issues around child care and social media. It is never acceptable to post a picture of a child without his or her parent’s express permission even if the child is in a group photo.

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